The Way of the Champion: Paul Rabil

The Way of the Champion

On my journey I’ve won and lost championships, business deals and relationships. I’ve set ambitious goals and come up short. I’ve learned that success is built on a foundation of failures, when you choose to rise with unwavering resolve.

It's late night preparation that turns into early-morning drills, and the joy of feeling progress with every, sometimes painful, step forward.

Paired with lessons from the greatest athletes and leaders in the world, I wrote this book to serve as a guide for anyone who wants to overcome obstacles, develop resilience, and cultivate the mindset of a champion.

To my family, friends, teammates, coaches and colleagues who have unknowingly played a significant role in this book, and to every champion who has forged their own way – thank you. Our legacies are a tribute to yours.

“The first time I met Paul Rabil was during his junior year in college at Johns Hopkins University. I was visiting their lacrosse practice to observe when he asked his head coach, Dave Pietramala, if he could get ten minutes with me when they finished. It was in that office after practice that Paul must have asked me thirty questions in under ten minutes. He wanted to know what it takes to be a champion, how the best leaders show up for their team, and he wanted examples.

Our friendship began there.

The way of the champion is not limited to the confines of a playing field. Its principles extend beyond the locker room, beyond the final whistle, into the fabric of daily life. Dedication, discipline, and the pursuit of perfection are not simply tools for success in sports, but guiding principles that can lead to greatness in any endeavor.”

Bill Belichick

“Paul Rabil is an inspiration — fit, soulful, and concerned with the greater good.”

Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business, bestselling author of The Four

“I have worked on nearly 500 films during my 40 years in the movie business, where only great product endures. I thought I knew all the keys to winning and losing, success and failure. This entertaining, insightful, inspiring book taught me that I still have so much to learn…. And I better get to work learning it.”

Tom Rothman, Chairman and CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment

“Each time I talk to Paul, I walk away from our conversation having learned something - no matter how quick the interaction. And his book is written the same way. Quick-hitting and poignant chapters with a meaningful takeaway for athletes looking to make the most of their abilities. Paul understands the mettle and grit it takes to go from amateur to pro, from pro to elite, from elite to executive - and the need to occasionally slow down to take care of the things in your life that matter most. That’s what, in part, makes Paul special… that’s the way of the champion.”

Paul Levesque, 14x WWE World Champion, Chief Content Officer and Head of Creative, WWE

“From the moment I met Paul, I admired him. As an athlete who forged my own path in sports, I can recognize the universal truths that define a champion’s journey. Paul’s lessons go beyond the court, offering invaluable stories on leadership, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s goals.”

Sue Bird, WNBA Champion, NCAA Champion, FIBA Champion, Olympic Champion