The Way of the Champion: Paul Rabil

The Way of the Champion

On my journey I’ve won and lost championships, business deals and relationships. I’ve set ambitious goals and come up short. I’ve learned that success is built on a foundation of failures, when you choose to rise with unwavering resolve.

It's late night preparation that turns into early-morning drills, and the joy of feeling progress with every, sometimes painful, step forward.

Paired with lessons from the greatest athletes and leaders in the world, I wrote this book to serve as a guide for anyone who wants to overcome obstacles, develop resilience, and cultivate the mindset of a champion.

To my family, friends, teammates, coaches and colleagues who have unknowingly played a significant role in this book, and to every champion who has forged their own way – thank you. Our legacies are a tribute to yours.

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Fate of a Sport: Paul Rabil

After enduring eleven years as one of the most dominant and controversial players in a professional lacrosse league that was anything but professional, Paul Rabil decides to take the game into his own hands. Partnering with his brother Mike Rabil, the Rabil brothers attempt to raise the capital, poach the top players, fight off lawsuits, and persevere through a global pandemic to change the trajectory of professional sports by launching the Premier Lacrosse League. To complicate matters, Paul must navigate the politics of playing in the league that he also runs.

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Paul Rabil
Paul Rabil


It’s been my greatest honor playing the Native American game, Dehoñtjihgwa’és. At 12 years old I got my first stick from my next door neighbor, Bruce, and never looked back. For the next 23 years I played in high school, college, professional and world championships. Mostly because of great teammates, coaches, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. So much that in 2018, my brother Mike and I decided to change the game forever, launching the Premier Lacrosse League, and we haven’t looked back. Since retiring, I’ve decided to focus on growing the PLL and giving sticks and goals over to next door neighbors across the US and around the world.

It was never about the outcome. It was always about the game. The game is meant to be played, not won. There is no winning, as there is no end. So, I’ll continue to compete, run, fall, and get back up again. Just in a different uniform this time.


From reflections over my playing career to the education of an athlete, each subscriber will get access to personal notes and videos from me, as well as exclusive access to PLL deals, merchandise and more.

Paul Rabil