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About Paul

As the world's most recognized lacrosse player, Paul plays for the New York Lizards and Team USA. He's won championships and honors at every level of competition, including two League MVPs, a World MVP, and MLL Championship MVP.

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Starting with a Facebook page in 2009, Paul's grown his audience into a broad multi-channel network of more than 500,000 fans. In 2015, he took his instructional camps online, and built a video content platform called the Paul Rabil Experience. Along the way, he's operated a portfolio of fitness clubs and has since co-founded Rabil Ventures, an investment arm, seeding companies like Funding Circle, Whistle Sports, and League Apps.

Most importantly, since 2009, the Paul Rabil Foundation has set out to assist children with learning differences by funding scholarships and building lacrosse programs at schools. Read more about Paul's Foundation.

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"The Lebron James of Lacrosse...A Ferocious Competitor"

—New York Times

"Once dubbed 'Lacrosse's First Million-Dollar Man,' he has been the face of the game for a decade"

—Rolling Stone

"Paul Rabil is the first lax player to reach a seven-figure payday through endorsements."


"Talking to Rabil can feel more like a conversation with a business development executive than the average pro athlete."

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